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We gotta give it up for local hip hop twosome and twenty twelve Kresge Artist Fellows PASSALACQUA. Their latest video for “Been A Minute” is a sweet sendoff to what was most certainly a sublime summer in the city. Check out the video below (and make sure to hit the HD) to take in the great work of Director Andy Miller and Producer Amanda LeClaire.      

The Queens Come Out at Night
Who remembers the 90s? Who remembers Record Store lines at midnight? Who remembers Z Cavariccis? OK, just checking. The internet has certainly made us all lazy. However, I’m pretty sure, if given the choice, former Prussians turned Jamaican Queens Adam Pressley and Ryan Spencer would turn back time for sake of the new release romance. Being that we’re stuck in the digital age though, we’ll have to settle for a midnight download followed by a comment party and a share. Jamaican Queens will be premiering two new singles online at their bandcamp at midnight tonight – “Kids Get Away”...

It’s the HEAT WAVE edition of our Liner Notes series and this time we’re lucky enough to have some brand new music to share. Have a listen to the latest recording from our friends, Computer Perfection, then be sure to let Gene take you on a trip through the sparks of influence in this synth-swirled summer song.       Gene Corduroy:   A room-sized supercomputer named Agnes falls in love with her programmer, a dorky computer scientist. Agnes needs Serious Love. It’s a Twilight Zone episode from 1964. Ray Bradbury just died. In his story, I Sing...

Vimeo is making sure that radio star stays good and dead.
There’s been some great video work coming out of Detroit lately. Check out a few videos by some familiar faces and like the hell out of them. South South Million – Blue Hoshanna (Music Video) from john anderson beavers on Vimeo. Matt Jones’s HAND OUT THE DRUGS (Official Music Video) from Cass Corridor Films on Vimeo. FAWN – No Wave (Official Video) from Quite Scientific on Vimeo.

Clear Soul gives you wiiiiiiiiings!
Good things are happening for Clear Soul Forces these days. Having just released their first LP back in March, and immediately thereafter making a successful and most promising trip to SxSW, yesterday Red Bull released the second installment of their Sound & Vision series – and guess who? We’ll be premiering our own set of videos featuring Clear Soul Forces Saturday, but here’s a trailer in the meantime… CLEAR SOUL FORCES: Trailer from SINGLE . BARREL . DETROIT on Vimeo.

a new video we didn’t make (but wish we had)
Loving the new Johnny Headband video for And Then Again co-Directed by John Anderson Beavers and David Dominic

If you popped your head into Facebook over the last couple days, chances are you caught the release of Phantasmagoria‘s first track off their upcoming LP Currents. The track is called “Dunes” and takes its inspiration from one of our favorite spots in the mitten. Have a listen and hear about how it came to be straight from Lianna & Chris.     Lianna: “Dunes” is about the irony of human beings being so disconnected from nature. The fact that most of us don’t get to explore and adapt to the beauty and obstacles of the natural earth is...

  Here Lies the Lion is what Mick Bassett considers his “first true album” and we think it’s a fantastic sans-Marthas affair. We asked Mick to tell us about one of the more significant tracks on the long player and here’s what he had to say about “Savvy Again”:   “The #2 song on an album is a dangerous song to tangle with…it’s the radioactive yellow cake of the album and you have to pray to god you don’t drop that shit…you gotta get it right.  usually people talk about the first song and grabbing attention and that’s true...

LINER NOTES is a new series in which local artists share with us – in their own words – the stories, meanings and genesis of their songs. So who better to toast this new adventure than story-stitching MC’s Mister and Blaksmith. Their track “Sunset City” has us wishing on the months ahead, and the video contains some serious – almost NSFW – timelapse skyline porn. And since you’re going to BLOWOUT this year (right?) you should plan to catch them at 10pm @ the PNA Lounge. Event details here. But enough from us, let’s hear it from them…  ...

Nothing but Detroit Love
(not-so) Local music duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. placed in both Paste Magazine’s 50 Best Albums and 50 Best Songs of 2011 – an incredible feat for some homegrown talent. It’s a Corporate World was #6 on the list, while the single Nothing But Our Love came in at #14. I know…rock lists are lame. But we can’t help but be excited for the Jr.’s and their success.