Archives · September 2012
We gotta give it up for local hip hop twosome and twenty twelve Kresge Artist Fellows PASSALACQUA. Their latest video for “Been A Minute” is a sweet sendoff to what was most certainly a sublime summer in the city. Check out the video below (and make sure to hit the HD) to take in the great work of Director Andy Miller and Producer Amanda LeClaire.      

The Queens Come Out at Night
Who remembers the 90s? Who remembers Record Store lines at midnight? Who remembers Z Cavariccis? OK, just checking. The internet has certainly made us all lazy. However, I’m pretty sure, if given the choice, former Prussians turned Jamaican Queens Adam Pressley and Ryan Spencer would turn back time for sake of the new release romance. Being that we’re stuck in the digital age though, we’ll have to settle for a midnight download followed by a comment party and a share. Jamaican Queens will be premiering two new singles online at their bandcamp at midnight tonight – “Kids Get Away”...