Archives · March 2011
Progress Report Report
The boys at Progress Report have been busy (we’ll spare you an unoriginal pun). Their album comes out this Friday, and to celebrate they’re throwing an album release party which will also serve as a kickoff for a month long tour. In addition to that, they have a new website which has already made friends with our website and wants to meet your website and produce little website spawn. The internet is so damn sexy that way.

Dial Five Three For White Stripes
The gentlemen(!!?!!) at Five Three Dial Tone Records did a great job of compiling a new record of all White Stripes covers done by some of the best of the local Detroit scene. We think it’s awesome and so should you. Word on the street is that they’ll be handing these out in cassette format at this year’s Blowout so try to get your hands on one before they run out.