Archives · April 2011
Detroit, Meet Lodz.
What can Detroit learn from Lodz, Poland? Lots. And the multi-tasking and multi-talented positivity generator otherwise known as Philip Lauri and Detroit Lives! plans to bring that discovery to life. In collaboration with filmmaker Steven Oliver, DL! will burst open the dialogue around post-industrial cities by uncovering the connections between this once textile powerhouse of the Russian Empire and our very own Motown, USA. We’ve kicked in and we encourage you to watch the video below, then head over to the project page on kickstarter and do the same. Go Philip, Steven and DL! Support the project here!

Dennis Coffey onstage with Mayer Hawthorne
A while back we filmed legendary Motown Funk Brother Dennis Coffey onstage with Mayer Hawthorne at the Majestic Theatre. Thanks to STRUT and !K7 Records for putting this together. We hope you enjoy! (onstage footage shot by Erin Cosens and Mike Berlucchi) Look for Mr. Coffey’s new album, featuring a collection of great artists including Detroit’s own Mayer Hawthorne, Mick Collins (Dirtbombs) and Rachel Nagy (Detroit Cobras), dropping April 26 on STRUT.

Coming soon… BARS of GOLD vs. WILDCATTING…AMERICAN vs. LAFAYETTE CONEY…Pick your flavor.