LINER NOTES is a new series in which local artists share with us – in their own words – the stories, meanings and genesis of their songs.

So who better to toast this new adventure than story-stitching MC’s Mister and Blaksmith. Their track “Sunset City” has us wishing on the months ahead, and the video contains some serious – almost NSFW – timelapse skyline porn. And since you’re going to BLOWOUT this year (right?) you should plan to catch them at 10pm @ the PNA Lounge. Event details here. But enough from us, let’s hear it from them…




“Out of all the songs on Zebehazy Summer, “Sunset City” was the last song Bryan and I wrote. We were having a tough time coming up with a concept because the beat was so different. The pressure mounted as we came closer and closer to our release deadline.

Bryan went away for a weekend to Muskegon and came back inspired…He said that the title of the song came to him while afloat on Lake he watched the sunset, he thought…”this is Sunset…city”.. Almost like he pulled the concept right out of the water. When he returned, we sparked some “Zebehazy” in his basement and got to writing.

As a two-man group, we don’t have too many songs where we trade verses back and forth but for this song Bryan and I wanted to make an effort.

I remember coming up with the first stanza: Pool parties, open wine bottles, stale peppermints, horse flies, talking-heads, talk about the deficit, apple pie moonshine, afternoon high, june, july, end, playing chess with friends…

Bryan followed: Deodato plays in a Woodbridge haze, Heat index at 108, I won’t shave, Late-night coney runs, barbecue Better Made’s, Valentine Vodka in the Paul Newman lemonade…

Each running lyric acting as a receptacle containing a memory from the summer (ie the apple pie moonshine that we drank while playing in North Carolina or DJ Erno The Inferno spinning Deodato records in his attic). Whereas the streaming rhyme pattern fits in the same vein as Soul Position’s “Candyland pt. 1“. ”

~ Brent (Blaksmith)


**We’ve also been told to be on the lookout for a remix produced by none other than Adam Pressley from new band Jamaican Queens (formerly of Ohtis/Prussia)


Album Prod By DJ Erno The Inferno.

Music video. Shot + Edited By Tony Katai