It’s the HEAT WAVE edition of our Liner Notes series and this time we’re lucky enough to have some brand new music to share. Have a listen to the latest recording from our friends, Computer Perfection, then be sure to let Gene take you on a trip through the sparks of influence in this synth-swirled summer song.



Gene Corduroy:
A room-sized supercomputer named Agnes falls in love with her programmer, a dorky computer scientist. Agnes needs Serious Love. It’s a Twilight Zone episode from 1964.

Ray Bradbury just died. In his story, I Sing the Body Electric!, he describes a replacement animatronic grandmother as having the tune of a beehive on a warm summer’s day. This is the sound we tried to get for Bem’s voice.

If there was a video for this song, maybe it would be influenced by the work of Émile Cohl. Simplistic, animated line drawings that continuously curl into one another as the story progresses.

OMD – Enola Gay, synths and digital rotoscoping mean a lot to us.

Benjamin Orr (The Cars) fronted songs + The La’s chime, not The Byrds.

*Computer Perfection is Bem, Burgundy, Corduroy, McFever, and Trajano