Here Lies the Lion is what Mick Bassett considers his “first true album” and we think it’s a fantastic sans-Marthas affair. We asked Mick to tell us about one of the more significant tracks on the long player and here’s what he had to say about “Savvy Again”:


“The #2 song on an album is a dangerous song to tangle with…it’s the radioactive yellow cake of the album and you have to pray to god you don’t drop that shit…you gotta get it right.  usually people talk about the first song and grabbing attention and that’s true but if you can’t follow it up with a solid second you’ve wasted all your momentum – that’s why the #2 track might be even more important–it can solidify interest in the rest of the album or bring it crashing down.  nobody wants to throw an album on just to skip the second track!

“Savvy” is the unofficial heart of Here Lies the Lion.  It’s not a confessional declaration like an “On a Spaceship,” and isn’t overly concerned with real life but rather embodies the attitude of the album:  that is a reclaiming of personality and swagger.  I think of her as a kind of spirit that hangs over the album…she guides it through its catharsis until it’s ready to embark after “Fire and Wine” when that’s what you’re left with– an acceptance and completeness of the past and a hope for what will come. She is flawed but she moves with grace and she knows what she wants… she knows not everyone will agree but she’s accepted her truth and decides it’s time to take it. I’m not saying that’s me in any way, but i admire her and I think she can be learned from- that is the acceptance of one’s self and the audacity to pursue a vision fearlessly.”

                                                                                                               ~ Mick Bassett

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