If you popped your head into Facebook over the last couple days, chances are you caught the release of Phantasmagoria‘s first track off their upcoming LP Currents. The track is called “Dunes” and takes its inspiration from one of our favorite spots in the mitten. Have a listen and hear about how it came to be straight from Lianna & Chris.



Lianna: “Dunes” is about the irony of human beings being so disconnected from nature. The fact that most of us don’t get to explore and adapt to the beauty and obstacles of the natural earth is a sad realization, but it also makes us appreciate and long for it. The lyrics were inspired by my second trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes, MI. It’s only a five-hour drive from Detroit but most people I talk to have never been there, which is crazy to me.
The song may be one of our most upbeat songs but the meaning is actually kind of sad and nostalgic.

Chris: I made “Dunes” right after we’d gotten back from a camping trip with all our friends to Sleeping Bear Dunes. So naturally i think the song began to take shape based on some of those experiences. It sounded like ascending and descending through all planes of reality including the physical, such as climbing a Dune, or the auditory such as vibrations. Or simply finally reaching the peak and the momentary bliss and then relaxing, going for a nice swim.
Word is the album will drop in the summertime via Five Three, but until then, catch them on stage with Jr. Jr. at their Record Store Day show


*Artwork by Talon Wolf  (<– click this!)