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Happy Birthday to us
Today we turn 3 years old! To celebrate, for the next few days we’ll be releasing a few outtake videos (one per day) that for one reason or another never saw light. It just seems appropriate to start off with the very first shoot we ever embarked on. Hard to believe but it was three years ago today that we convinced Charlene Kaye and bandmate Taryn Wood to follow us into the abandoned Lee Plaza Hotel for what would become the first installment in the Single Barrel Detroit series. We were always very fond of this particular video, but...

interview with LIARS
Following their outdoor performance in front of Michigan Central Station, we sat down with the band LIARS and discussed their latest album, the creative process, working in LA and possibly recording in Detroit! A special thanks to Chris Koltay and Sarah Vaughn. filmed by Mike Berlucchi second camera J. Groth edits by Patrick Duffy