Happy Birthday to us

Today we turn 3 years old! To celebrate, for the next few days we’ll be releasing a few outtake videos (one per day) that for one reason or another never saw light.

It just seems appropriate to start off with the very first shoot we ever embarked on.

Hard to believe but it was three years ago today that we convinced Charlene Kaye and bandmate Taryn Wood to follow us into the abandoned Lee Plaza Hotel for what would become the first installment in the Single Barrel Detroit series. We were always very fond of this particular video, but were forced to omit it from the original set for no better reason than we simply ran out of time when our website launched. After that, we just never got around to posting it.

What’s special about this video is that Charlene and Taryn didn’t even know they were being filmed at first. It was the end of the day, the temperature had dropped at least 10 degrees (which meant it was probably 10 degrees period) and we had asked Charlene just to mess around while we got some cool shots from across the roof. What ensued was an impromptu performance that truly captures the excitement of a spontaneous SBD film shoot. I love that you can see the cars on the Ambassador Bridge. I laugh when they laugh because I know they can’t feel the fingers playing their instruments. But in my opinion, the tail end is the best part. DP Mike Berlucchi managed to find some amazing shots of the city battling equally amazing silhouettes of Charlene.

Hope you enjoy.