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Detroit & Dubai: Two Cities Built on a Dream
Thinking back upon the city of Detroit one may be reminded of industry, progress and factorization. Upon visiting the city today one will see that the world that once existed is no longer a presence. Detroit is a shell; a stale memory of a former home to those who wanted to build a new beginning. In the summers Detroit is reminded of its past but it is a fleeting and seasonal experience. After getting an urban taste it is back on I-75 and straight to the suburbs. In I Have Always Been a Dreamer, Director/Producer Sabine Gruffat showcases the...

Rappers, Records & Ca$h Mobs
If those 4 words in the title sound like a match made in hip hop heaven, then please allow us to break it down(backwards) for you. Detroit Ca$h Mob (yes, you have to spell it with the cash money dolla bill sign every time!) is not a throwback record label in the vein of Suge Knight. Nope, it’s a grassroots initiative originated by Photographer David Lewinski to spur local support of cool small businesses in the city on a bi-weekly basis. And that’s where the records come in. The 5th annual Record Store Day is this Saturday and Detroit...

If you popped your head into Facebook over the last couple days, chances are you caught the release of Phantasmagoria‘s first track off their upcoming LP Currents. The track is called “Dunes” and takes its inspiration from one of our favorite spots in the mitten. Have a listen and hear about how it came to be straight from Lianna & Chris.     Lianna: “Dunes” is about the irony of human beings being so disconnected from nature. The fact that most of us don’t get to explore and adapt to the beauty and obstacles of the natural earth is...

Wow! Time flies. Nine months ago we told you about an ambitious cross-continent documentary undertaking from Mr. Philip Lauri of Detroit Lives! and camera compadre, Steve Oliver. We had high hopes, and based on the trailer below, it appears well worth the wait. Thankfully the tease is short-lived and you’ll be able to see the film in its entirety in less than a month at a premiere screening in the DIA’s Detroit Film Theatre (nice!). Follow the links below the video to purchase tickets and get more details on this much-anticipated film. See you there! Official film site Event...

“I’m a little drunk again”
Pt. 2 has arrived! Feast your ears on the second batch of Poor English  HERE Haven’t grabbed Pt.1 yet? Perfect! Download all eight tracks and then line them up in a row and press play. Then be sure to watch this page as our film project with the band is set to go live at any moment.   Pt. 2 Tracklist: What Am I Gonna Tell Your Mom? Sleeper Saint Elmo’s Fire Pt. 1 Saint Elmo’s Fire Pt. 2   *Cover artwork by Justin Ames

A teaser
Take a trip with J. Anton Blatz and Rene Wymer as Chapter 6 in their Adventures close to home series finds them wide-eyed on the set of our upcoming Four Films project. Enjoy the piece HERE and keep an ear turned for news on the release.   *** Illustration by Rene Wymer

Detroit Bike City
Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. – John F. Kennedy We really enjoy this piece directed by Alex Gallegos. So should you.

Detroit, Meet Lodz.
What can Detroit learn from Lodz, Poland? Lots. And the multi-tasking and multi-talented positivity generator otherwise known as Philip Lauri and Detroit Lives! plans to bring that discovery to life. In collaboration with filmmaker Steven Oliver, DL! will burst open the dialogue around post-industrial cities by uncovering the connections between this once textile powerhouse of the Russian Empire and our very own Motown, USA. We’ve kicked in and we encourage you to watch the video below, then head over to the project page on kickstarter and do the same. Go Philip, Steven and DL! Support the project here!

Coming soon… BARS of GOLD vs. WILDCATTING…AMERICAN vs. LAFAYETTE CONEY…Pick your flavor.