Charlie Slick crashes TEDxDetroit

Charlie Slick crashes TEDxDetroit is the latest installment in our Tumbleweeds series.

Last week we met up with Charlie and Molly. They had no idea where we were taking them. In fact, the only information they were given was to bring whatever gear they could carry and to be ready to play. We learned a few things along the way such as … don’t send Charlie vague emails – he won’t respond. ¬†Also, it seems that Charlie has a unique way of critiquing art that could only be expected from a performer of his prowess.

Filmed and edited by Erin Curd. Sound by Andrew Smetek.

We hope you enjoy!

TEDxDetroit is a localized version of the annual TED event that invites creative minds to come together and share their ideas and talents.

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And for more of Charlie Slick’s musical inventions please head here:

Here are a couple of teasers also shot and edited by Erin Curd…