2010 Tour de Troit

We attached a helmet cam to Detroiter Amy Kaherl to capture her journey.  Read her sentiments below and check out the video cut by Philip Southern.

(photo courtesy of the Detroit Free Press)

Riding my bike in Tour de Troit seemed to be a no-brainer as I tend to ride as much as I can. I ride my bike in the city more than I drive and so it was fun to be a part of a group of over 3000 to ride for 30 miles around Detroit.  I moved to Detroit this year after being outside of it for the last ten. I passed by my bars, restaurants, art projects, and even neighborhood. I went through parts of town I had never seen before and rode my bike over the Belle Isle Bridge, one of my favorite parts of the city. The ride was beautiful, the wind at times so strong. There were moments that I ran into friends and times when I rode it alone. I became recognizable because there were large pink feathers on top of my helmet coupled with a feather entwined rat tail.

Maybe I see the potential beyond the decay. I have become more alive, more self-assured, and more aware of myself and my neighbors in the short time I have lived here. I ride my bike. Create art within a community context. Play some records. Create Shenanigans. All in all it’s pretty fantastic.

Amy Kaherl

The Tour de Troit celebrated it’s 9th annual cruise this year attracting over 3000 participants.

For more information please visit http://www.tour-de-troit.org/