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The Queens Come Out at Night
Who remembers the 90s? Who remembers Record Store lines at midnight? Who remembers Z Cavariccis? OK, just checking. The internet has certainly made us all lazy. However, I’m pretty sure, if given the choice, former Prussians turned Jamaican Queens Adam Pressley and Ryan Spencer would turn back time for sake of the new release romance. Being that we’re stuck in the digital age though, we’ll have to settle for a midnight download followed by a comment party and a share. Jamaican Queens will be premiering two new singles online at their bandcamp at midnight tonight – “Kids Get Away”...

Party’s Over.
OK, so that title might be a little melodramatic in connection with the recent news that Prussia has decided to call it quits. These guys aren’t dying or anything. Their band is breaking up and they’re working on new projects – cool stuff from what I’ve heard so far. However, let’s admit that for those of us who had the pleasure to watch this band progress over the last 4(?) years, it’s hard not to be a little sad. Partially, this is because if you ever got the chance to see them play you’d know that it felt like...

Poor English Pt.3
Some of you have already had the pleasure of hearing Prussia’s Poor English from end to end – a must if you want to experience this creation as the band intended. For the rest us, Tuesday marks the day we can all have the full 11 tracks in our possession. So head here at midnight to download Pt.3 and make plans to hit their album release show @ the Old Miami on 11/11/11. Any bets on what time they’ll take the stage that night?   Pt. 3 Tracklist: 1. Pretty Baby Don’t 2. My Marie 3. Justin the Pornographer...

“I’m a little drunk again”
Pt. 2 has arrived! Feast your ears on the second batch of Poor English  HERE Haven’t grabbed Pt.1 yet? Perfect! Download all eight tracks and then line them up in a row and press play. Then be sure to watch this page as our film project with the band is set to go live at any moment.   Pt. 2 Tracklist: What Am I Gonna Tell Your Mom? Sleeper Saint Elmo’s Fire Pt. 1 Saint Elmo’s Fire Pt. 2   *Cover artwork by Justin Ames

Poor English, Pt. 1
The first part of Prussia’s much anticipated Poor English is available now! Head over to http://prussia.bandcamp.com and pay-what-you-like for the download. Poor English is a three part affair, and each will be available in 10″ vinyl + digital download for 7 american dollars.   Pt. 1 Tracklist: Sheep Hunt Sister Mediator Bleeder   *Cover artwork by Justin Ames      

A teaser
Take a trip with J. Anton Blatz and Rene Wymer as Chapter 6 in their Adventures close to home series finds them wide-eyed on the set of our upcoming Four Films project. Enjoy the piece HERE and keep an ear turned for news on the release.   *** Illustration by Rene Wymer

Four Films For Attention: A Single Barrel Detroit Project
In an effort to help lift one of our favorite Detroit bands to the point of national attention, we’ve decided to embark on an ambitious 2 month-long film project. Its creation will feature the bountiful time, care and craft of many in Detroit’s artistic community and will be filmed at a richly-historic Detroit location. We want to keep the mystery band a surprise for as long as we can…but we can give you a few clues: They are one of the most talented bands in the city – hands down, they’re unsigned, and they will soon be releasing their...